what will they do when we are gone?

Artist Bio - Roy Smythe

I was an only kid who grew up in a quintessential small town in Texas, and lost both my parents as a teenager.  However, the smell of my mother’s oil paints and the fascinating array of pencils, pens, rulers and other tools in my father’s tiny drafting studio are my earliest memories of each of them. 

While I grew to love drawing, I effectively stopped when I became a surgeon - only occasionally sketching something I had seen in the operating room in a patient's chart.  I started making art again a few years ago when my two younger sons took an interest in some whimsical characters I drew for them – what they came to call “roybotz”. 

We like to imagine them having been created by humans, but inhabiting earth long after the humans have abandoned it for another blue rock - continually answering in the images I draw the question, “what will they do when we’re gone?”.


My preferred media are art markers, watercolors and acrylic inks on watercolor paper.


Other than my parents, my most important influences have been Theodor Geisel (Dr. Suess) and Ezra Jack Keats, and I am continually inspired by the work of other artists in my community and around the world.


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